I play my Schecter Hellraiser through a Crate VTX200S 2x10 SS amp, but don't overally care for it's built-in distortion. I am looking for a good pedal that does Metallica type distortion for leads/solos, but one that wont cost me an arm and a leg. Was thinking about either the Boss Metal Zone or Boss Metal Core. Thoughts on those or any other suggestions?
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Everyones gonna say this, but its absolutely true. Let me be the first-

Boss sucks, get the Metal Muff.

Trust me, its 100% true, and every UGer will tell you the same.
I've heard good things about the Metal Muff. Some people seem to like Metal Zone/Core, but others absolutely hate it. I haven't used any one of them myself.
dont get a metalzone!
from my experience the tone is thin and grainy and VERY week sounding.
Top lel.
ooooh i was gonna start a thread 4 the same thing but ive just seen this one i want a very rich heavy but not to much distortion coz then i wont be able to hear what im playing.

I was recommended boss MT-2 zone, but it seems that it isn't a very good one to get please can sum1 help me?


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metal muff for cheapness + quality. check out the proco rat 2 also.

Boss distortion pedals are pathetic in my opinion, and before some faggot flames me, i'm only talking about their distortion
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Put it this way. My friend has Metal Muff through a Marshall MG and sounds totally badass. 'Nuff said.
AMT Extreme III. Its like a recto in a box. I think the Metal Muff is thin and fizzy soudning, kinda like the MetalZone. the MetalCore is really for Numetal and what not, with its heavily scooped sound.
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how bout the digitech metal master?

I had a metal master, they are pretty awesome if you tweak the EQ right. I had to sell it off though.... !
metalzone is like a beez in a tin can, same with metal muff, but to a lesser extent imo. Well it is a hi-gain fuzz pedal.

If really want a good quality distortion in a stompbox, get a Sansamp GT2. But it is a lil on the pricy side.
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