I'm trying to learn Communication Breakdown (Zeppelin), I've got the 2 main riffs down, and the whole solo except the freakin beginning part and the "ascending" part.

What's the best technique to do the quick repetitive part at the beginning? I'm really having trouble nailing this without it sounding noisy/muddy:

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Well I'm not sure the best way but I'd bend with the middle and bar the twelve with the index, pull off goes to the ring finger and just sweep pick the three strings.
bar the 12 with index finger and play the 14th and 15th with ring finger,
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The problem is that it's hard to sweep since I'm barring the 12th fret, so it sounds noisy. How do you mute the B string, then hit the E string?
bend the G string with your middle and ring finger while the index finger bars both the B and E string then proceed with the pull of using your pinky.. ^^ sounds like a E minor/blues lick
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