the singer in my band has one, go listen to the rhythm guitar on our recordings, that's a marshall AVT. Well the rhythm on PIN287 is. The other is one a rather sexy marshall JCM.
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i think they get far too much stick on these forums - there ok amps and get a nice range of tones from them - definately not the best around but there mediocre
Dave_MC has one.

He doesn't like it.

Ask him.
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Are Marshall AVT series good amps??
They'd be great if they were about a third of the price. But they're not. Avoid.

Basically it's an MG circuit with a 12AX7 Gimmick Tube (sorry, I meant 'preamp tube') and it's massvely overpriced, considering there are plenty of grown-up valve amps in the same price range...
Not particularly.

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Yeah, my mate Kenny seems so hung up on the "valvestate" idea, he's going for a AVT50 for Xmas I think. He just said he wanted a "really powerful" amp.

I said don't go for SS or hybrid, they're supposed to be a total gimmick, but he doesn't understand the whole concept of tubes and stuff. He baulked at the prices of the Vox AC30 and Marshall Bluesbreaker (my dream amps), saying that the AVT 50 and Vox ADVT (or whatever it is) do the same job for a way better price.....AAAAAARGGGHH!!!!