Does anyone know if a string through guitar picks up pinch harmonics better than just a guitar such as an Epiphone or Gibson SG that isnt string through?
If you have a guitar with a bridge humbucker and you use a lot of distortion, it will make pinches sound better and louder. But most of it is just technique, if you get that down you can make pinches on any guitar.
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To a tiny extent, yes, but frankly it's all down to technique.

I think maybe a 'Pinch Harmonics FAQ' sticky would be a good idea, there seem to be tons of questions coming up about this...
You can even do them on an acoustic once you get the technique down.
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I think a neck thru guitar wouldn't help the pinch come out any better. Maybe help it sustain better, but the general coming-outness is all based on technique.
Ok well my problem is that I can do pinch harmonics on the plain strings of my Fender Telecaster and this cheap Squier Strat better then I can on my SG with an EMG 81 at the bridge. Is something wrong with it?
The scale length is probably different so you probably aren't pinching right over the harmonic nodes any more. You just have to re-find the position of the harmonics.