I was going to get a toneport but i heard the effects sound "too fake" and i wasnt a fan of the line 6 spider II amp. So anybody got a good idea for recording under £100, im also wanting to edit afterwards (eg, reverbed vocals, guitar tone, etc), its for vocals and guitar.
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I am not a real big fan of a setup like a toneport that you just use for recording. You have to setup your effect chains and what not to get the sound you want, but then your live sound, your setup is completely different and very hard to match. I prefer a mixer with a digital interface for recording, expecially if you want to do vocals and even drum sets.

If you need a couple very specific tones, I would concentrate on the gear needed for the live sound, and then just a good mixer to be able to record it to a PC.

Try and look for specific examples before you rule stuff out. I have some on my profile and show you exactly how its hooked and this is the quality you will generally get. If you need something better, you may have to spend a fair amount more to get it and you also may need an engineer to run it. But this is in the general lower end price range and the results are good, but not studio quality.