Whats goin on my fellow guitarist. I just finished a new song. Its called Return of November. I would say its a metal song. Very laid back middle section, very different for a metal song i think.

For the violas that come in at 2:32 i used east west gold symphonic on my midi keyboard.
The choir ahhh's i used plugsound through the midi keyboard.
Drums were done on beatcraft.
All guitars were recorded with my epiphone goth explorer, through my podxtlive.

I would like to think i leave good honest crits so if you leave me a decent you ll get one in return.

http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?PID=1046333&t=4701 (higher quality)

So I'm listening to it now. I love the intro. It's very iron maiden-y. The "verse" part is really heavy and cool. The fast part after that is awesome, and very megadeth-y. The solo is great as well, and I love the panning part of it. The synth part is interesting. it adds a different (but good) vibe to the clean section. Great recording quality as well, and the drum part was very well done.

all in all, very awesome.
nice intro. i thought the fading out drums were a good effect, but i don't like the fill at the ends of each pattern. very epic sounding. fast riffs were awsome. good job with that. nice solo. i like the harmonies and the cool panning. the clean tone was a bit harsh. i like the ahhs.

thanks for the crit.
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Quote by chrisatgrace
nice intro. i thought the fading out drums were a good effect, but i don't like the fill at the ends of each pattern. very epic sounding. fast riffs were awsome. good job with that. nice solo. i like the harmonies and the cool panning. the clean tone was a bit harsh. i like the ahhs.

thanks for the crit.

yea the fills was definititly alittle overboard, gotta think about changing it.
And now i cant get back again....
There's some clipping at the start.

In terms of sound, I like the guitar tone, it can get a little bit muddy in places. The drums are a bit too flat and boxy, and the bass is too washy. The playing of drums were pretty cool, but the tone was placking

The solo at was a little too loud. The extreme pan automation was an unpleasant effect.

The chorus/reverb sound in the soft pad part is too wet, back it off a bit.

I thought that the tonality was a little bit predictable, but that's just me.

The solo at the end was fantastic. The notes were good and the sound was perfect. Good job.

Overall I liked it. It demonstrated good playing and midi ability, so Kudos.
Listening Now.

Very cool harmony introduction. Very Iron Maiden esk. Pretty cool lead sound aswell. Nice high gain but not so much that it muddys up. Cool riff behind that too. Reminded me of Eddie Van Halen with the little arpeggios. Awesome riff when it all builds up and some nice riff shredding too before the solo.

Very cool solo. A bit too loud and the panning was a bit dodgy but on the technical side, very impreesive.

Nice little clean bit, too much effects i think on the clean tone though. It seems too wet.

The solo at the end was really cool, good choice of notes and good playing again.

Good job.
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Class, reminds me of a local band, with the harmonies.

Takes a while to get into it, but it does its pretty kick ass. Very maiden influenced anyway!

Solo, could use some work, and turned down a little! Good other wise.

Clean breakdown. I wasnt fan of it personally. Im not gonna say much more about it because Im useless at that stuff.

It would be interesting to hear this with vocals. Would fill it out more!

Nice one other wise!
Its a pretty cool song, but almost too crazy and not enough melody. I really like it tho, its different then every other metal song. It would be really cool with a guitar layering, maybe there is one and i just dont notice it... There is at parts, but though the harder rock parts it would be cool. The solo is a little too loud also, its a awesome solo tho, so i could see why you would want it so loud. I especilly like the panning part. The clean break down is really odd, kinda funny too, with people in the background going AH! its very creative, really cool. TWO THUMBS UP THO! very creative song. very cool.

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thanks everyone so far, its funny you guys say the maiden influence, cause i know it probably is, but there a band i could never get into
And now i cant get back again....
I'm just writing as I listen to it. I like the feel of the guitars and the drums together. The lead feels a little loud to me, but it's some nice guitar work. It's a cool transition from the break back into the heavier stuff. The lead work towards the end feels a little loud again, but other than that, it's a really good song. The overall tone of everything sounds nice as well.
type as i listen:
really powerfull sound you've got there , nice riff , maybe hmmm don't know , is a bass in there?cause it kinda feels like some low stuff is missing in the mix

hm this little pause at , well dunno myspace player wont work right for me , before it stats again with the first riff kinda got me out of the banging , the second time it does that is cool ,
nice flow with the new riff , wow , atleast for ME the solo is way to loud , had to turn the valume a little down , but awesome playing man , after that the clean with the "ah" sounds really good , nice mood , lead kickin in again , hmm , yea maybe get the solo and that a littttle down in volume

ah great banging riff! really damn cool , nice drum sound really

yeah , overall very solid song , but for my liking the leads are way to loud(especialy the frist solo) , dunno maybe that's just me , and maybe get some bass in there?or make that louder , because i haven't heard anything ... hmm..

yea thanks for the crit , keep it up!
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listening now, and i loved the whole song untill it got to the first solo bit, it probs just me but it seemed to just suddenly arrive out of now where, that may have been what you where going for, i dont know, but i wasnt keen on it, also the key/tone/scale (im crap with trems sorry) of it just didnt seem to fit in with the rest of the song almost like it was ment for a different song. like i say dont mean to diss it, JMO
but i realy liked the second solo where it was faded in and out the solo came smoothly in.

other than the first solo i loved the riffs and the whole song

cheers james
The harmony work is awesome in this song.

I love the trebly three note arpeggio in the heavy rhythm.

Solo is pretty trashy sounding, I don't like it at all. It does sound kind of Megadeth-y so I'm sure some people will like it. And the panning during that fast part was pretty cool.

The clean part is cool but the chorus is corny as hell and I don't like the clean tone, too trebly and harsh.

The second solo sounds much better, but sounds like there's intonation problems or at the very least out of tune bends.

The outro solo starts off nicely but again becomes very 80's trashy, and that isn't my style.
Pretty nice

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