no matter how hard i try, i just dont seem to be able to write good death metal riffs. i have tried playing other songs (by cannibal corpse, necrophagist, etc) to work out how they do it but i still dont have a clue. i love slow, heavy riffs and fast technical riffs and i want to be able to combine them in my playing. are there any scales i should learn? i tune my guitar to BEADGB. i i have tried listening to my favourite bands for inspiration but it doesnt seem to work. even in my low tuning all my riffs sounds like ****ty metalcore. i need some tips.

dood song writing is all about you. nobody can help you write your songs really. just give it time noodling around and if you don't get anything maybe you just arn't a songwriter. scales never hurt tho so you might as well learn um. well good luck. this'll prolly get closed pretty soon too.
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I just play around with my guitar and if I come with some good DM, I just put it in Guitar Pro. Just listen to some of your favourite DM bands and look up some tabs to give you some inspiration, just make sure you don't copy any riffs
try using triatonic intervals, aka Diabulus in Musica/the devil's music... those always seem to work
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