Dunno if its in the right forum but hey..
Who has lessons, and if so, how much do you pay/how long are they?
I'm looking at 1/2 hour lessons for £12 each.
I live in Liverpool btw, if anyone has any suggestions.
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That's about going rate...in Southport it's about £10 for half an hour but you'll pay more in a city.
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I've had an RGT teacher for a few visits, he charges £12 for 1/2 an hour, but he comes to your house for lessons, which saves me time and petrol.
If anyone can do that round your way, might save you a few bob.
See RGT teachers in your area and try them out.
Good luck.
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I get 4 half hour lessons for like 50 bucks a month here. At Georges Music, but I'm pretty sure thats only in the US.
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