Basicaly im about to get my first electric guitar. Ive saved up about 1100LT (that would be around 450 ish USD) I was thinking of saving up some more and getting an Ibanez RG350DX but i keep seeing stuff in the forums about the Edge III bridge that just doesn't let me sleep at night. Im not gonna abuse the whammy a whole lot but i will give it a couple of wanks here and there (dang that just doesn't sound right). Will it get messed up in a couple of months even then ? Like... just give me the run down on the bridge
preferably from your own experience.

So thats my first option, my second one would be to something with a fixed bridge like an epiphone g400 or something. I would like to have an SG (well its not a real SG i know but its the closest thing that i can get ATM) but the stores around here (remember i live in Lithuania, no going to any popular guitar website and ordering anything from there for me, there are like 3m people living in the whole country) only seem to have this kinda brown closet like color and i want my SG (im just gonna call it an SG whatever) to be red. So i emailed the store and their like, yeah we have this one thats more like an SG, its red and it has the wide pickguard "Special G310" shouldn't the special be after G310 ? Anyways thats how they wrote it. So whats the G310 like ? (again from experience)

So i hope you can figure something out of this write up (sorry i just keep making long posts) just post some suggestions, and if you wanna suggest other guitars then the ones i mentioned,please do but keep in mind i live in Lithuania so i can't get everything.

You guys have been hella helpfull before and i hope this time its gonna be the same and for those who just wanna go and reply "Whats the point of reading this crap if i can't even find the question" please don't.

get an Ibanez RG170DX, I think it's the shiznit
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Don't get a G310. The bolt-on that Epiphone uses on its lower end guitars is horrid.

If you don't see yourself using a trem much, you'd probably be better off not getting a double-locking trem.

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get an Ibanez RG170DX, I think it's the shiznit

That doesn't mean it's not a horrible guitar .
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Well avoid any guitar with a tremolo for now, as they CAN be tricky, personally I picked up using tremolos, my first string change was on one and I find it easy but I suppose that is because my first tremolo guitar was one with one of the best tremolos, if the guitar has:
Original Floyd Rose
Edge Pro
any Kahler

Or any of those with low profile added then it should be fine, avoid:
Lisccensed floyd rose (Unless they are known to be reliable, such as Schaller (very good) and I think gotoh have good ones)
Edge III
Edge II

Okay now onto guitars you could get:
Avoid that EPiphone G310, bad guitar, go for the G400 if you're set on an SG and as I know you're limited over there I won't be suggesting the Tokai's though if you could get your hands on a Japanese made SG it should be very good.
Also look into: Epiphone Les Pauls, personally I hate them, too chunky but some love them.
PRS SE range, I love these, to me they're the good points from the Epi Les Pauls, but made better in many ways. (There are many models though)
Mexican (Standard) Fender guitars, such as the Strat, Fat strat or tele.

Now I know you'll need an amp so I'll do what I normally do with new to guitar people.

Balance it out. Good yet inexpensive guitar+good yet inexpensive amp = lasting for a very long time. Most people just get bad but expensive everything.

Here are the guitars you could get which are good yet inexpensive:
Ibanez RG321, Mahogany body, humbucker pickups, fixed bridge, very nice.
Squier affinity strat/fat strat/tele, Alder bodies, with upgrades are as good as mexican fenders, but most people dislike these guitars for no reason.
Yamaha Pacifica guitars, I'm not hugely clued up on these but I hear they're very good.
Washburn X22, never tried one but on paper they seem great, Maple body, and with the huge rep Washburn and it's X series have I'd assume they're decent guitars.

Now amps, I'll tell you to avoid marshall MG series cos they are pretty poor in terms of quality and sound, I know I've owned one.

Vox AD series, from the smallest to about the 30 watt one would be affordable and these amps are really nice, I got my school to buy a couple and they are really good (they were the best ones in the catalogue) they come with many settings, many effects which are fun to mess with, fairly simple, has a tube in the pre-amp which gets you that bit closer to a tube amp, personally I'd go with this.
Roland cube series, I'm pretty sure theres a 30 and a 60 watt version they seem real good, I've never tried one but many will recomend them.
5 watt tube amps, such as the Epiphone valve junior are very liked and will get you closer to what I'd descibre as "real" tone, most of these begginner amps are just to give your a pushstart really but a tube amp will make sure you can get some nice proffesional tones.
Look into the crate 5 watt tube amp which is very liked I see, the Epi Valve junior as staed before and if you can, something along the lines of a Laney LC15 you may be able to order one or find one around your local guitar shops I'll tell you something, they're amazing little amps.

I hope I helped.
Well ,FacingUsAll, im more kind of asking if the EDGE III thats on the 350 wont go all crazy and crooked in like 3 months or something cuz the way people react to it on the forums gives me that impresion.

Sorry PunkNinja didn't see your post there, so your saying id be ok with a RG350DX and like a Roland Cube 30 ? Christmas is coming so i think i can get that as a gift if i pitch in a little.

Im not too scared of the whole string change thing i know the "block the trem" trick and im really not planning on changing from E440 to Drop D every 5 minutes.

So would i bee good of with an Ibanez RG350DX + roland cube 30 ?
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I wouldnt say RG350 and roland cube due to the trem. Maybe blocked yes but I wouldnt let the trem stay "floating". And I'd prefer the Vox AD15/30 anyway.

Also apparently the Edge III is a direct change to an Official floyd rose, so if you could afford £130 (not sure how much that is in Lithuanian sorry) then you could use the RG350 with perfect ease BUT with that money you could afford an RG1570 which is better, WAY better.
650 In my currency wich is not far away from what the Cube 30 costs
Whats up with the trem though ? In what would would that setup be bad ?
I want to know specifically, what might happen to the trem ? Will it go crooked later on or something ?

No VOX here in Lithuania, ive looked into Peavy and the tube ones are 30W-50W
Which is a) A bit overkill don't ya think ?
b) Totaly out of my budget
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Ah I see (about the amps)
And the trem, may seem like one of those things which is just speculation as everyone says it but they are bad trems, my friend had hers fixed three times in a month of owning her RG350FM and is now in very bad quality and it was received last christmas. I also played it and it was rather. . jagged and hard to use at all, for the subtle wangle or for heavy tremolo abuse or even for nothing at all it's very awkward.
I would avoid it like the plague, especially if you're a begginner.
Ok you've finally convinced me.
So ok on the amp as i understand ? ( Cube 30 )
And ill check with the local stores to see what fixed trem guitars i like/are in my budget and post here to get some feedback on them or would it be ok to pm you (you seem quite knowledgeable) cuz this thread will get buried pretty fast.

EDIT: Ill go into the stores this weekend probably and check if they have a more redish G400, cuz they don't have all of their guitars listed on the site. Also they have an Ibanez RG321 and a phone icon where the price should be. Logic leads me to beleive that the price isn't set in stone on that one so i should be able to get a discount on it.
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Well the RG321 is a very good guitar, and by all accounts dont be discouraged about getting a tremolo guitar, but the edge III I'm led to believe, is the WORST tremolo out there.

And just go to the shop, and sit with each guitar you like the look of, don't need to try and play just see if you like the feel of the neck and body of the guitar.

And yeah the amp is fine.
Thank you from saving me from the EDGE III . Now i can finally sleep soundly. Since this guitar will be the first of many (well i have an acoustic now so its not the first, but first of many soungs better) i will eventually get to a EDGE PRO trem or something similar.
Good man.

You should (when you get to the stage of better playing) go on a guitar shop spree, I love them, just hit up loads of guitar shops and play all of the guitars in there Then you'll learn the stuff I learn, also read a lot of the things on these forums, though a lot of it is speculation, there are many helpful people here.
Yeah reading the forums is really interesting and i feel like im getting more and more hooked on guitars the more i practice and read about them. And there are certainly loads of helpful and knowledgeable people around here. Can't wait till i go electric