a recent band that added me on myspace. They only have 2 songs up but they are quite decent...they have a sound similar to bands suicide silence/ impending doom...really low tuned guitars..typing "chords" in the search bar is just plain insane and would be impossible to search for this band there..but if they have already been posted let me know and I'll delete this..anyway here's the link..pretty good if you ask me

Death..Is Just The Beginning..
thanks for the link man!

this song voiceless is so hilarious, i love the lyrics :P
i was actually coming in here to flame you for posting bands just for them adding you to myspace, but i actually kinda like these guys...kinda. I'm diggin the vocals and the low sweeps. The more i listen to these guys, it shows how really technical they can be, but they don't use it to its full potential. The breakdowns are pretty generic, but nice find alltogether