Can anyone help me to play this?


Thats not the exact thing i just need to know how to play something like that cos everytime i try it just sounds weird
If you're looking to make an octave, that would be the 15th fret, 2nd string, not 14th fret. That's if you're missing out the bottom E string, there. You've only written 5 strings in.
Ok thats an octave I'm pretty sure. But when I play those I use my 1st finger and 3rd finger and with my first finger I lightly touch the string in between that your not supposed to play to keep it muted.
i actually use my first finger for the 12th, and let it lean over the D string to mute it, then use my 4th finger for the 14th, but as you get up to bout 15th fret octaves then i use 1st and 3rd