Hey guys,
I was wondering if you knew about any effect boxes or pedals that I could pick up for more exotic-sounding effects? I'm thinking of something I could use to make my guitar sound like an Erhu or a Sitar. I've already tried looking around for the Danelectro Sitar Swami pedals and have had little to no luck with those, so if any of you had any other recommendations for me to look at, I'd appreciate it muchly.

P.S: I'm a bit of a newbie to guitar accessories (the only pedal I have is a cheap danelectro flanger) and haven't tried any computer recording or anything, so if you could point me in the right direction, it would be pretty awesome.

Thanks in advance!
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Look at my blue box thread, mxr blue box all the way.

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what amp, guitar do you have, i'd recommend you a more normal, more usable pedal (dist, od, wah maybe) just an example
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Read this!You know you really want to...

what guitar do you have? There's "buzz bridges" made for certain guitar models that could help you get that sitar feel, maybe paired up with a compressor pedal?

One could always buy an electric sitar, I suppose.

And be careful if you're after the Sitar Swami pedal, most reviews give off a pretty powerful "crap" vibe, though there was one review who reccomended it and said something about having to play differently for it to sound authentic......it's a bit of an enigma to me......

I hope to get an electric and/or actual sitar at some point, so I'm in pretty much the same boat you are.
the line 6 modeler pedals, some crazy sounds out of them

zvex fuzz probe thing with the pad, thats also mental!
I think the Boss GT-8 has a lot of exotic effects. Maybe the ME-50 too.
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what amp, guitar do you have, i'd recommend you a more normal, more usable pedal (dist, od, wah maybe) just an example

I have an Epiphone Les Paul standard and a Vox valvetronix 100W amp

Wulver, I want to get myself a Sitar or an Erhu, and I have family in India as well. What sucks is that it's practically impossible to get in on a plane because of the size and weight restrictions.
Sorry for the shameless bump, but I'm really hoping someone could possibly give me some nuggets of advice.
the sitar swami sounds nothing like a sitar. its pretty awful.

i love this http://www.jerryjonesguitars.com/Baby%20sitar.htm
you could also just get a roland guitar synth(other people make them too), you get woodwinds, brass, strings, exotic instruments, pads, etc.

i also get a pretty passable simulation running my volume way low and using a phaser or autowah, for the days when im lazy.
Get a fuzz and run it with your phaser at the same time. That'll keep you tripped out for a while
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I tried the EHX Micro Pog a couple of days ago. Damn that thing was funky...but I kinda liked the Deep Purple rock organ sound I got out of it.

But I bought an OCD instead.
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