Ive got a Gibson LP Classic. I recently loaned it to a friend and when I got it back Ive noticed one main problem. The Dstring has no sustain and volume changes occur while playing it . I replaced the string and then noticed the tuner was loose and tightened that back up. When I play the d string above the 9th fret, the sound is dead. If I bend the note, the string is silenced. If I slide up anywhere past the 12th fret, the string is silenced or the volume and sustain just isnt there. Other then this string, the guitar sounds and plays perfect. Any suggestions to what may be causing this or how to fix it?
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Either get it re-fretted or get someone to fix the intonation...
That should take care of it...
I had a friends SG doing the same thing...
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make sure the string is on the right place in the bridge.. that happened 2 me.. embarrasing....
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I have the same problem on my epi les paul also on the D- string but on the 7th fret
it really sucks, I raised the action (it helped a little )
but still I'm going to have it set up properly