So i posted this song a while ago, but i wasn't very happy with how it turned out. The tone sucked, it didn't flow well, and it lacked depth. So i decided to redo it. I am much happier with it now. The drum part adds a lot, and while the tone isn't incredibly good, considering what equipment i have (or rather the lack of) i am happy with it.

Song's on profile. i left the original there if anyone wants to compare.

As always, c4c.
listening now...cool intro riff. The drumming i can tell is beatcraft, maybe work on the eq of each induvidual drum, and you acn a decent sound out of it. Also The guitar work is cool. The palm muted riff was awesome very simple, and straight to the point. The you could definitly work on the beats though. Have some high hats going in stead of just cymbals hitting with the snare. There a hige improvement with the drums, but now you have to improve the drums, and you got something. Also i liked the solo it added to the whole feel of the song.

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=706342 c4c?
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okay i will work with that. i just figured out how to use it the other day so hopefully it'll only get better. thanks for the comment and i'll check yours' out.
oh of course. not many rock songs out there are very unique, are they? thanks for critting though! also i think it's funny that you think you can tell if I am putting emotion into a solo, because you really have no idea.

and i'll check it out
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i don't get why people think the drums sound so terrible. I mean sure they don't sound incredibly realistic but if I wanted them to sound like real life i would have gotten an actual drummer.

i'll check yours out.
That was a sweet riff, but I agree, the drum tone is pretty bad. It's sounds very tinny and metallic.
Other than that, its pretty good. I loved the solo, even though it was very short.

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