Just bought this crazy little pedal, mxr blue box. F*ckin amazin'!!!!!!!!! I was surprised at myself when i first wanted it cos' i play indie, brit rock type of stuff, but i love to get all experimental. This little b*st*rd is brilliant for riffin and up high solo playin. It can sound soooooo nasty and fat. 2 octaves down and a shyte loads of fuzz added to your signal. Sounds like a nintendo with blend all the way down!!! I absoloutley love it. So just to say if you want something a little crazy to play around with... BUY THIS PEDAL. I couldnt stop playing on it its thats fun. got a really unique fuzzy messy character, sounds very 'Jack White'. An absoloutley horrible creation in the best of ways!! Deffinetly not a plug in and play pedal, and believe me its not for the faint hearted, thats a serious warning this thing can scare the shyte out of you.


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hey... I'm thinking about buying it... You helped making my decision then...
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I always wondered whether these were any good, thanks!

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i've seen these before.. what do they do exactly?
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Fuzzes your signal and duplicates it 2 octaves down.
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