My Big Muff has a wire torn from a solder point. Problem is that i only know where one of them is soldered, that's the upper left hand of the dpdt switch. It's the shortest wire in the Big Muff.

P.s if i were to solder this should i use a soldering gun, because my dad said you can use a soldering gun when i feel like i should use a soldering iron.


please respond
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A picture would help you get an answer quicker, because the 'upper left hand of the dpdt switch' could mean any of the possible solder points, depending on what way you're looking at the switch. It would also help if you can find out where the other wires from the switch are going, to narrow down the possibilities of what wire you're talking about. Try looking for a spot where a little chunk of solder is on the PCB, or the jacks/pots to see where the wire came from, although I'm assuming you've already checked that.
Yeah, pics would help a lot. And don't use a soldering gun, you really need an iron.
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