Well I finally got my new amp this past weekend (Valveking 112) and since Christmas is coming up I'd like to get a pedal for boosting my solos and getting some different tones. I was thinking of the TS9, I tired it before but it wasn't on an amp anything like mine, would that suit my needs? I play mostly classic rock. Any other recommendations are welcome.
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You could probably do with a clean booster or even an EQ pedal - the Tubescreamer is an overdrive pedal. It might still do what you want tho, but I suggest you try it before you buy it. However, it's got a damn good reputation.
check out maxon od9 and od808, probably superior to the ibanez yes they wil do what you want
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tubescreamer is great for classic rock. Keep in mind they really shine when you got it in front of a tube amp already slightly overdriven.
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check out maxon od9 and od808, probably superior to the ibanez yes they wil do what you want

+1 to the Maxons over the Ibanezs, slightly better sounding to me, and the OD-808 is cheaper than the TS-808 and can be modded to true-bypass. OD-9 is about as much as a TS-808 (I believe) and is true-bypass as well. Try an Ibanez Tubescreamer out in a store if you can (if the store doesn't carry Maxon) and then if you like it, grab the Maxon off the internet or something instead, I guarantee you'll be satisfied if you liked the Ibanez.

A clean boost would also be good as well, if you wanted to go that route, I'd suggest a BBE Boosta Grande, however, if you want a little bit different sound than what your amp already has, I think you'd be better off going with the OD as, with my experiences, the clean boosts really don't change a whole lot.

EQ should also do what you want, so just try em all out!
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defenetly. i use the level all the way up just for a small boost in gain and then any extra gain needed just put up the drive a tad its good for a small boost which doesnt add colour to your amp sound

I used it on the song in my profile :P although my amp isint the same as yours so might not help