looking back on my decisions
i find it hard to comprehend
where different choices may have led me
where i am and where i might have been
well now i can't do much about it
but just keep on walkin through
and try to sing with conviction
every lesson i'm givin to you

never look back on the paths you've walked
and always look both ways before you cross
and if you're filled with doubt and feeling lost
see it through, to live and learn is all you can do

old love is gone for good now
old friends go their separate ways
broken hearts that heal slowly
have left me feeling like this today
and it always begs the question
"just what did i do wrong?"
but i dispose of all that regret
i know my choices were my own
Last edited by crossroads07 at Jan 6, 2008,
I think this is fantastic... It really spoke to me. Especially the part about old friends going there separate ways.. I feel that daily, loosing touch with those I've spent so many great hours with. Good job on this I like it alot especially chorus... all I would recomend is to add another verse or two. You prolly knew that though already..