Seeing as the last one kind of faded away, and seven people had written pieces for it, I'm going to restart the thread, have more people contribute, and get the points where deserved. Haiku usually combine three different lines, with a distinct grammatical break, called kireji, usually placed at the end of either the first five or second seven morae. In Japanese, there are actual kireji words. In English, kireji is often replaced with commas, hyphens, elipses, or implied breaks in the haiku. These elements of the older haiku are considered by many to be essential to haiku as well, although they are not always included by modern writers of Japanese "free-form haiku" and of non-Japanese haiku. Japanese haiku are typically written as a single line, while English language haiku are traditionally separated into three lines. Wikipedia ftw? This competition will be based around the 5-7-5 structure. Which would mean 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the 2nd, and 5 in the last line. For example:

The brutal winter
Gives way to flowers of Spring
Ludlow is vanquished

5 syllables
7 syllables
5 syllables

So far we have 7 pieces from:
2.Dorkus Malorkus
5. Dr.Jimmy
7.Snowblind 911

Im just going to see how many people are still interested, so ill leave signups open. If theres an odd number the last people to submit their pieces get in the group with an extra person. 5--3-1 for the points. Fire Away!


Write 3 haikus one on love, one on death, and one on nature

Due date is november 12th
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how many do we have to write? idk if i want to be in >_>

also, do we have to use a season in the haiku, or not?
I'm in. Same requirements as the other comp?

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