If anyone could help would be great!
I've started a band a couple of months ago just for fun but now we want go a little bit more serious and don't have much money yet and we need to buy some stuff.. we'll need drums, 2 new guitars(just because ), mics, a bass, bass amp, loudspeakers (at least thats what i think you call it in english..) and a sound table(don't now either if that's how you name it..). we already have a 10watt and 15 watt amps for guitar but as far as i know with a 150watt loudspeaker and a sound table i can connect it all and have a good sound right? like if we had 150watt amps right? because if we bought amps with that power we couldn't buy nothing else for a long time!
And i'd like to know also if the same loudspeaker can be used tou output the sound from both the guitars, bass and mics or if i need to buy several for the diferrent sounds? we don't have much money to spent, we'll have something around 2000 euros but for all that we need thats not very much..
Oh and we also have good efect pedals so theres no problem for the kind of sound, we also play from heavy loud metal to soft calm stuff so...
Thanks everyone people!
I can help you with this. If your PA (loudspeekers) is 150 watts you don't necessarily need a 150 watt amp. My band has a 400 watt PA and we use 100 watt amps and they work fine. As for a soundboard; just use the PA head. it has the controls that'll you'll need.

As for drums, bass,amps, etc. That's just a case of having the cash. But if you do get new guitars (which if you already have decent guitars I don't see the need for new ones) get guitars that fit the style of the music you play at least.
the guitars it's just that endless will of always have more and more and more that we all guitarists have, i guess you understand it..
ok, then we can use our amps and the PA. as for the soundboard i thought we needed one to connect everything to the PA or we don't? you know, the guitar amps, bass amps and the mics..
i don't even know if the same PA can be used for the guitars and the bass because of the sound difrence in the bass and treble settings and all of that..
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