Hi guys, been doing some recording for my album.

This song didn't lay down on wax well, and the mixing hasn't even been attempted, because it's going to be quite hard to do.

So, any suggestions would be heavily appreciated. Link me back to your song, and I'll give it a nice in depth analysis.

The opening with the drum line is very nice. It is a 'you know you've heard it before' drum beat but still works fine. Some color should be added to the overall mix and individual tracks, reverb-delay. The lead guitar needs to be pushed forward more in some parts. Maybe make the rhythm guitar a little dirtier, think a low watt tube amp cranked 3/4 of the way with the volume/gain, with it miced low. Overall, nice song, kicks some balls.
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Cheers mate. Do want something done back?

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Listening now. Nice upbeat drum intro, some drum intros are hit or miss, that was pretty good though. THe guitar comes in seems a little unorganized at first but picks up nicely. The vocals are at a perfect volume, and fit the song perfectly. The solo at 2:11 is nicely done, no showing off just a nice straight lead, you fit the speed parts in perfectly. The lead kept going and going....very impressive. The bass is just alittle to loud at the end, and drowns out the guitar . Overall its a good song..so parts aer very bordeline catchy if you know what i mean. The vocal lines are right there, just need a little more and i can see myself listening to that song more than once ya know.

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For that particular project, I are were a little boy without friends who plays the different tracks alone and mixes it later.

Usually, I'm a little boy without friends. Like on the Trash Kittens. Those demos were recorded for the kittens to learn, so I played all the parts on them. Then, of course, we never recorded them.

Sometimes though, I'll do recording with Ditch, or Scriv, and next year, I'm doing an album with Stiv.
i like the vocals in this one alot. the proggression was great. i thought the guitar tracks could have had more bite, they didn't really stand out to me. i like the writing on this alot. the solo was nice, but had some timing issues. i would making it more dynamic, perhaps adding some longer emotional bends mixed with the really fast playing. very nice job

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Do you have your own studio? Or can you just go into one whenever you like to? Or do you have the money to go to a studio whenever you want to?
Because studios are ****ing expensive

They are. Try to find a university near you for any recordings.

I get to use me studio ones, and I'm renovating a friends' one at the moment, so will get to use that.

Almost all the songs that I do are recorded at home, at my desk.
There is bass, I just hate bassy recordings, so I cut out the bass guitar between 100-250Hz.

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