Ok so I just got the Unholy Alliance DVD and I'm not a big Slayer fan, but in all the chapter menus theres a really cool Slayer song playing and I'm wondering what song it is. It starts out with a really fast palm muted guitar, then the drums and a soloing guitar with some really cool effects play over the top. It stops before vocals join in so I don't know any lyrics, but any help with this would be very much appreciated.
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You kind of just described every Slayer song ever.

haha so true.

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I just have a hunch that its Raining Blood.

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I just have a hunch that its Raining Blood.

But there's no solo after the intro in Raining Blood. :/
^it might not be from the begining of the song, it could be halfway thru...if it was was raining blood i'd say it was that breakdown part right before they return to the intro riff (totally blind guess i know)
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No it's not Raining Blood I know that song. It sounds more new and not as raw as their older stuff
did you listen to all the live songs? if not do so. and thats all i can say maybe go on youtube or limewire and look for songs
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I'll bet it's Bloodline, God Hates Us All, Eyes Of The Insane or Cult.

God Hates Us All is not a song, it's the title of the album. I'm guessing you're thinking of Disciple?