Alright, time for my second guitar build. I bought a cheap guitar-building kit from my local store. I think I'm just going to
use the body like I planned to since the neck has really thick wire and an unshaped headstock. I'm not sure about
the pickguard. I thought white would look pretty cool with the wood (and does), but a mirrored one might look better.

Some highlights on what I plan to do:
-Custom look
-octave pedal
-big muff
-kill switches

I lost my schematic, but I'm going to put in a big muff pedal and then double the output wires and have one set going to the octave
pedal. This will give me two outputs: one going through just a bigmuff and the other with a bigmuff and an octave pedal.
Together these equal a sweet tone. Since pedals will always be on the way they are wired, I'm going to put kill-switches on
the battery wires of each and put them near the bottom horn. The red lights from the pedals will go in the neck and bridge
pickup, mainly so I won't leave them on. I'm probably going to put in dimarzio pups (d activator bridge, fast track 2
middle, cruiser neck). I have those in my other strat and they sound amazing.

Damn, the forarm contour was hard to do.
Here is what I have so far. That's the gist of what I'm going to do to the body. I just got some lighters and burned those onto
the guitar. I'm probably going to do them around the bridge and maybe pickup jack too. I was originally going to get a
rear-rout body from warmoth, but they are too expensive. I haven't found out a foolproof way to fit both pedals under the pickguard, so
I might have to cut into the back instead. I'm probably going to have it routed this weekend.

Also, I'm not sure about what to do with the neck. It's probably going to be maple, and it's
probably going to have similar burn designs on it. Oh yeah, and those burns near the pup-holes were for practice.
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those burns are cool, there was a special edition Custom shop Fender Strat with that look and it had it along the neck too. looks great. you should try and find pics of it to see if you would be happy with that look overall before continuing.

you give the impression of being a wiring whizz so.........help?

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That's a cool idea

I hope all goes well.

I'd love to do something like that, but I can barely install a pickup.
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Have you seen a Big Muff Pi PCB, or a Octave pedal pcb? Good luck fitting those both in there....

He could do it on vero as those layouts are a bit smaller.
i got some work done over the weekend. i'm taking it to the shop tomorrow to get it shielded and on the weekend i will have the pickguard and pickups ready. hopefully i will have it all put together near the end of thanksgiving weekend.

front shot of body after routing:

back of body after routing:

the cavity is way bigger than the pedal going in it, but i needed room for the batteries.

neck cut (still needs sanding and finishing):

i'm going to continue the flame pattern on the headstock, but i need to find a lighter with a small flame first.

edit: and yes, i know the title can be misleading. i was about to buy a rear-rout of this body but i cheaped out...


i couldn't find the original one but it looked something like that one.
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try to act like they know what loud is
all they know is an electric beat
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That's a dead sexy body, I have to say.

One thing with the octave pedal- what sort are you doing? Most analog octaves are also fuzz pedals, and a Muff going into some more fuzz along with the octave will probably sound pretty whack. I'd suggest you either A) just build an octave fuzz with a simple octave switch, quite simple, or B) take the Muff circuit then add a simple little octave circuit like the last stage of an Octavia. That way you'll get octave without added fuzz.
any new pics/updates? I kind of want to see how this turns out
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looks cool though
You gotta love strats