Last summer I bought a ValveKing 212. It has been great to me until today. I was in the middle of playing and all of a sudden the amp just shut off. I found out that the fuse on the amp had blown, I put a new one in and it started working again fine. I was on the clean channel with the volume at 1, and had the texture knob on the back all the way to class A/B (full power). Luckily I was just practicing at home and not in the middle of a gig. I was just wondering if any one else had this problem, or any problems with their Peavey ValveKing?
never had taht problem with my vk. IMO having the knob on class A sounds waaayyy better.
Uhm... fuses blow all the time.
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I never had any trouble with my Valveking. But I only got it 3 days ago
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