I know, nothing I do to this thing will make it sound better then just a complete amp replacement, but right now I don't have the funds for a decent combo tube amp. Besides, I just use the amp for practice anyway. Anyway, I was wondering if there was a way to prolong the usage of this little marshall. Maybe a Pedal or something to punch it up some, instead of the fuzzy distortion it spits out. Less fuzz more crunch and punch.

I thought about getting an EQ pedal as well as a distortion pedal, maybe a tube screamer or something seeing as a good amp would set me back at least 500 bucks used and probably more. I heard clips of a Mesa Dual recto and I almost fell over. Also heard the 5150 in action too.

But right now, I just practice and coughing up a load of cash for a new amp is going to take a while. Maybe I can extend the playability of the little marshall for a bit longer.

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If you have enough to buy an EQ pedal, distortion pedal and a tubescreamer (which really won't sound too great on a SS amp), then I'd suggest you just save up and buy a better amp, since you're almost there anyway.
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maybe you're not saying the right things? an amp likes to know you care.

Sprry but the amp itself is ****, the speaker is very small and sounds really bad. Not a lot to do really.
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new amp. get a cheap tube amp and practice with that. that way, your pedals will sound good and your tone will be better, and it can be even cheper that buying 2 pedals, a new speaker and a lot of things.

try something like the palomino 5w, crate v5 (wich are the same but in diferent colors), the epi valve junior or the ibanez valbee

sell it for a ridiculous price and say it was used by kerry king and he made a limited edition one and you have 1 of 10
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If you have enough to buy an EQ pedal, distortion pedal and a tubescreamer (which really won't sound too great on a SS amp), then I'd suggest you just save up and buy a better amp, since you're almost there anyway.

Err.... I did not mean to buy all three. Mostly just a distortion pedal. Just something that will be useful now and after I do get a new amp. Hell, right now I think I am just looking for something new to do with the amp to keep me busy while I save for the real deal
Sell it to some noob, then buy a microcube
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Well I would definetly suggest just like the rest of the people to save up for a decent tube amp. Putting pedals in front of a SS amp looks silly. Your marshall SS will get you by until you can by a new amp. I'm guessing you don't gig with that small of an amp so it's not a neccessity for it to be there tomorrow.

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