My band is made up of:
1. Lead Guitarist
2. Rhythm Guitarist/Piano Player/Singer
3. Bassist
4. Drummer

We would sort of need help writing songs. If someone could give us tips or chord progressions or just anything would be really helpful!! We play mostly rock music ranging from OneRepublic to AC/DC to Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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Don't write jam. Or have eveyrone write songs on there own record them and bring the demo down to practice and learn it.
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yea sorta i know a little bit. why?

you cant write songs without knowing some theory

mostly its about experimenting but there are some tips that have really helped me:

1. if a note (or chord) sounds right but isnt in the same key as the rest of the song dont be afraid to use it anyway
2. always write music before lyrics
3. if it sounds good on monday it may sound sh*t by friday. what i mean is, dont be afraid to burn things which sounded good when you wrote it but now they dont sound too good to you because it is rarely 'just you' and its normally better to start again.

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Even if your into complex music with lead guitar parts throughout the song or something make a chord progression 1st. It sets the key of the scale and helps writing riffs easier.

Once you get that 1st riff written then the rest is a lot easier.
well technically you can write music without knowing the technical stuff of some of it (often inherently or by using your "ears") but if you want to jam then it'll help alot to know theory just for communication purposes alone. as far as song writing, i suggest taking riffs you've used and putting ones together from the same scale. thats what i do for about half of my songs (the others i usually have a rough idea in my head of how i want them to sound) and really there are 2 WONDERFUL things you can do to help

1) learn theory and basic song arrangement, this will also help you in writing full songs fairly easily

2) study and find out how the artists you enjoy wrote their songs, things like key signatures and arrangement type stuff