hey. i'm fairly new to ultimate guitar but thisthread is mainly to help me with these pains i get up my forearm in my picking hand. i've spoken to my guitar teacher and a couple of other players and they've said they're not entirely sure what's happening but i think it's tension being cause by some other part of my arm or hand. i hold the pickin between my index finger and try to have my hand in a completly relaxed postion. playing fast is not a problem but after a while i'll get pains shooting up my forearm. they're kinda like muscle pains you'd get from stretching something. i think that the problem is coming fro my three free fingers. they slightly seize up while i'm playing at a certain speed. say over 90 bpm with six notes per beat. i can keep up with speed but after a while i get the pains shooting up my forearm. i was wondering if anyone else sufferers this problem and if they overcame it and how. i anchor aswell. i tried not anchoring but for some reason that cause the pains to come quicker. does anyone have any suggestions? thanks in advance to anyone who helps.