this isn't another i cant restring my guitar thread.

i put a new set of strings on my guitar, which does have a licensed floyd. and it;s the first time its really had all new strings on it (usually replace one or 2 now and agen). and its tuning now goes really bad, say when i bend or use the trem bar, it throws the tuning off even with the locking nut.

is it just the strings or has the string change f***ed something up??!

well...the strings are new. give them time to stretch. this happens to me too, i usually just try and tune it as best as possible than let it sit over night or for a few hours.

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stretch them, good style. Grab each one and give it a good yank...it'll go flat, so re tune it and yank it again, and keep doing it until they stop going flat.
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Hand stretching is what I always do, but then again I have a hardtail. I imagine trem abuse should do the trick, as well. As in lots of raising pitch. I'd much prefer doing it the traditional way, though. Force of habit, I guess. Besides, I think it's better to stretch with your hand. You can stretch it a lot at certain points of the string instead of just extending the entire length of the string.
Yep always hand stretch and re-tune

Do it over and over until your strings stay in tune THEN push and pull the trem arm up and down many times and re-tune. This will make sure your springs are worked and everythings good to go before you lock down.
step 1 put the guitar on. make sure it is strapped.
step 2 act like u r about to play and put your hand on the whammy.
step 3 grab guitar by whammy until you are really stretching the strings.

works everytime. this is also known as the herman li.