I recently got this Hendrix sticker and I put it in my guitar case. becayse no guitar case should be without a plethora of stickers. anyways, the sticker BARELY stuck on, so I set a book on top of it over night, and its still about to fall right off. any thing I can do to to make it stick?
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I'm thinking covering the back with 2 sided tape and putting it on....glue.....glue will make it all wavy
2 sided tape ftw
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scotch tape....
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sew it on
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spray on adhesive. Like glue in a spray can.

+1, best thing ever.
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Man that's badass.

Just to be really ghetto you COULD use clear cellotape (sp) to go straight over it, but then it would be unreliable and may just make you look like a fool.

Spray on adhesive sounds good.
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Cement it on .
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well, Ive got some spray adhesive....I found in the garage, its goddamn industrial strength for holding motor parts

my dad says itll work...