hi there.
some one told me if i had guitar pro and an mp3 player i could get my own drum beats outta my amp.
how can i wire all this up or connect it to my amp? do i need to buy separate wires?
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just get a digitech rp50 or rp200, unless you have a good amp with diff connection ports, then you cant
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you buy a patch cable (basically a headphone cord w/ the male fitting at both ends)
and an adapter (basically the end of your regular instrument cable. instead of the cord coming out of one end, there's a hole to plug your new patch cable into)

there you have it
thankyou very much.
i have a Zoom 505II pedal with a " controll in" port is that when i would put the patch cable?
or in the LINE /PHONE port on the amp itself?
thanks again! Gorre , Johnny , hazzard
All Wars Are civil Wars ....Because All Men Are Brothers
Line in on the amp. Although may as well try the other one too, but i don't think it'll work.
thanks gbeaks,
so put my mp3 player to the line in on the amp and the amp will play the music off my mp3 and my guitar from the input through its own speaker? or does the line out being for head phones mute the speaker? thankyou!
All Wars Are civil Wars ....Because All Men Are Brothers
well if you're trying to play your mp3 player and guitar at the same time through the same amp, you'd either need 2 inputs built into your amp or a feature on your effects pedal that lets you plug in an mp3 player. now, you said you had the zoom pedal. i'm pretty sure that doesn't have a line-in for an mp3 player so that option would be out. and yes, plugging anything into your line out jack will mute the speakers so that would be rather pointless

my conclusion: you'll either be able to play the guitar through the amp or the mp3 player. not both. some stereos/boomboxes have line-ins though
Some amps have a cd or mp3 input. Its after the preamp tho. If you ran it thru your guitar input it would get the same distortion treatment your guitar does.
thanks for the advice. iv ran it into a seperate amp with clean input and using 1 amp for background drum beats of the computer and other amp for guitar all good thanks alot
All Wars Are civil Wars ....Because All Men Are Brothers