So I have a Fender Showmaster and I have been playing for around two and a half years, but I can't seem to play certain songs fast enough, namely the intros where you alt-pick between two strings, usually leaving one string open or playing one note on it while you move up and down the other string. Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones is one example you all should be familiar with, and other songs where they use this are Unholy Confessions by Avenged Sevenfold, Baby You Wouldn't Last A Minute on the Creek or The Words Best Friend Become Redefined by Chiodos, and Bury The Hatchet by Protest the Hero. I'm not deep into the metal scene or hardcore scene but I know this is really common today.

As you might guess, my question is how to play these songs (or intros to these songs rather) faster. Like, for Unholy Confessions, should I palm mute the A string when I'm alternating between the low E (in drop D here) and D? And are there any good picking exercises I should attempt?

And is there a common name for this technique or element in songs?
start slow, do regular excercises w/ PM do build speed and accuracy. unholy confessions is my favorite song and i still have sum trouble w/ it.

TS, how do u liek ur showmaster, im thinking of getting 1 this week
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practice it speeding up until you are at 125% speed, even if you make some mistakes

then slow it back down and you'll find it much easier
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left in the cold,
I want to feel youre conscience making, a change to fix
this dying soul....
toshiro: yeah...But does that change the name of the string? I always thought you called them by what you would call them when they are in standard tuning...

siezetheday1103: Thanks, yeah it's one of my faves too (not epic enough to be my all time favorite). And I only own a showmaster and an early 70s Gibson SG (which plays terribly) but I think the Showmaster is a great guitar. Works great for playing punk, metal, hardcore, etc. and with a few tone adjustments classic rock and alternative sound great, it's very versatile. I'm not an expert guitarist obviously, but yeah, no complaints. Have you tried either of the signature A7X guitars? Eventually I want to get the custom syn one...
im not a huge fan of either or the customs tbh. like, they look badass, but i dont like the feel of either 1 a whole lot. but rite now im trying to decide if i should get a showmaster or a schecter damien 6, i made a thread about it earlier but got like, 2 responses.
Jackson Dinky DKMGT
PRS SE Paul Allender
Peavey 6505+ 112
paint it black seems easy if u just use ur thumb and index for the whole song.
unholy confessions...ugh I know what you mean there. if it didnt have the palm muting I wouldnt have such a hard time with it. get down your speed with PMing and going back to normal note hits.
You can cheat a lot and have it sound fine by using pull-offs on Unholy Confessions instead of playing each open note on the A string. You just have to make sure you can keep the pull-offs perfectly in time too.
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