Hi folks!

This is my first try of composing a song with gp5. The song is not complete yet, but i'd like to know if its worth to keep on working. Feel free to edit it and post your suggestion. And please give me some advices what I can do better.

Sry for my bad english ^^

Mr. Wallace

| EDIT |

There is a new version at the bottom of the page!
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Thats totally awesome man - the acoustic riff is just great

Maybe if you could like incorporate some like acoustic melody on top of the like heavy chorus riff that'd be quite cool

Maybe strum a few chords over the drum break or have rhythmic bass beats?

But the song is great! well done!
Thnx man! =)

I will continue my work tomorrow, i've got a lot to do for school now.


Mr. Wallace
Great riff you got there, i think you should keep working on the song, the song flows great, and my only suggestion would be to fill the drum break with some guitar or bass as said before. good job

mind critting my newest song? it's in my sig. thanks
Hi there!

After a few hours of work I created a new version of my song and renamend it to "smooth punkrocksong", because there is such a nice flow.

Feel free to edit and criticize it. I want to make a good song out of it =)


Mr. Wallace
smooth punkrocksong.zip