i really would like a lip ring... but i have a job so i wouldnt be able to keep it in for the month or however long you need to...

so i was wondering if there was a way i could do it. like is there some sort of thing you can put in the whole that easily isnt visible or something so the hole doesnt close up.
don't do it if you can't wear it, that would be dumb....

that or quit your job.
You can buy clean retainers. But changing a peiricng before it's healed is not recommended at all.
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so what is a retainer. Like it would stay in the hole without being visible?
You're not allowed to wear lip rings at a job because they make you look retarded, but don't get your employer any benefits for hiring the handicapped.
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There are clear studs made so you have something in the hole, but don't have the ring

that might be what a retainer is, I don't know
if you're not prepared to handle the judgement that some may pass on you, dont get it. this includes any current or potential employers. or you just get a job that doesn't mind that sort of thing. they're out there... unless you're looking for a gig at the stock exchange....

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well i cant just quit my job, i just want to let the hole heal without it being seen until i can take it out and put it in as i please
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well i cant just quit my job, i just want to let the hole heal without it being seen until i can take it out and put it in as i please

Depending on how your body heals, you may never be able to do that. I know of someone who had a lip ring for several years and after they took it out, the hole sealed up in a matter of days. But you could get it pierced and put in a clear retainer, which makes it LESS visible, but not invisible. The swelling will be noticeable for several days to a week or more. You wont be able to change the jewelry for over a month. Doing so would be beyond stupid. Try the body mod thread though.
you can use a clear retainer but only after it heals, never use any sort of plastic jewelry in a fresh piercing since it can't be sterilized.(theres also some concern about them releasing toxic gas, but IMO that isn't really much of an issue since it takes a very lobg time for that to happen)
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