Hey Grim what gear have you got now?
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I dont see why not. If ya really want it get it!
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Always improve your amp before guitar. It's the leading factor in affecting your tone.

actually the majority of your tone comes from for finger tips.
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Well if you are buying for the distortion or cleans, I think you should buy a new amp, but if you are buying it for stuff like reverb or wah I think it would be ok.
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actually the makority of your tone comes from for finger tips.

Well isn't that a given?
Unless you have problem with your guitar that make it unplayable, go for the amp first.
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Amp has more of an effect on tone than pretty much anything else does, especially the type of amp u have, rather its a Solid State or Tube. Find a 5w tube amp, like a Peavey Royal 8, then go for a multi-fx. you will definately sound much better that way.
Currently, I have a Peavey Raptor Plus EXP and a Peavey Backstage amp. Not the best setup, but it got me started.