So basically I have been playing guitar for a couple years now, not a lot but some. But now where I want to learn some fast lead and shred solos i'm stumped.

For example, today I learned Bat Country by Avenged Sevenfold. I easily learned all of the song except for the solo in an hour, but now with the solo im stuck. I know the solo isn't that difficult, but I don't really know where to start.

Any advice on how I can learn this solo, or any fast solos for that matter? I'm really looking into investing my time in playing guitar now and this is the thing I really need to work on.

Thanks in advance.
if you want to learn fast/hard stuff the only way to do it is to slow it down and learn each individual part perfectly.. learn one bar at a time or whatever is good for you.. just slow it down and take your time on it..

hope that helps
yeah i know, it just feels like it's taking too long to learn, where as I learned the rest of the song so quickly.
well bat country is an easy song to play really, but the solo has got some pretty complex stuff in it, like the harmonized arpeggios and just the fast stuff in the solo.. it would probably take most people more than an hour to learn..

just take your time with it and it should just eventually come easy..
lead is generally a lot harder to learn than rhythm. thats why most notable guitar players played lead.
I usually do half-bars at a time get that down, then move to the next half. Speed and dextarity takes time

Also, having good fingering technique to begin with helps

You mean an hour to learn the solo? Coz I highly doubt I could do that. Personally, I have learned many songs, but I usually don't take on the solo... and now thats bothering me so I decided to change that. I'm just not sure how to approach it.
well just take ur time lol

it mite take a couple of days.. just learn each bar perfectly at a time..

thats how i approach solos
Arg, yeah your right man, I just like listen to some kick ass songs and get right pumped with the stuff, then im like.. yeah im gonna learn that whole song.. then when i get to the solo im like 'oh' and usually get frustrated because I don't have much patience.
lol yea it gets like that sometimes..

try learning a little bit each day or something?

that way u mite not get so frustrated lol
I think my problem is speed, i'm not sure exactly how fast I can actually play if I knew something very fast.