Ok, so I find myself a lot of times in a conversation that suddenly ends. And no one has anything to say, and it pretty much turns into this semi-awkward boredom that is annoying around friends and pisses me off when I'm with girls. Makes me look like a dip**** half the time, and it also has probably prevented me from making a few friends even actually.

So anybody got some good topics?
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Best bet is to talk about the person you are talking to, rather than yourself.

You might have already tried that!
Just have fun and laugh, the more you worry about something that comes out of your mouth, the less you will say and the more awkward you will make it sound ect. And if you do say something stupid just laugh about it, but conversation is something you have to build up naturally by having good self confidence, because if you just stick to certain topics you will be bored as the people around you.
sec always works, might not be good, but the convo will either end instantly or go on for a while
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The silent type is the cool type. Nothing is more of a turn off than someone who tries too hard. So don't try to force conversation on people. It'll seem unnatural, and it'll make everyone feel uncomfortable, and you look like an idiot.
And you're pretty much asking us for conversational routines here. Which will also seem unnatural and make you look like an idiot. Especially if you find yourself having the same conversation with the same girl, two nights in a row.
Don't worry about it. I find people that talk too much, or just because they feel they have to really annoying. Be yourself. It's actually quite hard to look like a dip**** if you're not doing anything. So keep it up. Play it safe.
I know what you mean, happens to me. Only with my one frind, though. I dunno, maybe he's just a douche, which is kinda true. I guess just don't say everything that's on your mind, think before you speak.
make nothing off limits. bare something personal or whatever to spice it up. like tell a secret abt yourself to someone you recently met. let them in, and they will feel valued and will trust you, thus leading to deeper conversation between the two of you, leading to fast and deep friendship. thats how i got my best friend. weve known each other for 2 months, and know each other very well. i hold back nothing from her. and it feels great.
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