I'm looking to upgrade my gear this Christmas, right now I have:

Austin Stratocaster with DiMarzio pickups (not sure which set)

Roland Cube 60

I generally play metal, so I was wondering if I should buy a new amp or a new guitar to help my tone out?

I was thinking of this guitar: http://www.rondomusic.com/al3000mapcsbemg.html

Would that be a good choice for Metal / Classic Rock?

I'm thinking I should probably just get a new guitar since I'm still playing with my first guitar...
Maybe, but I highly doubt it considering the band I'm in is starting to fall apart.

I'll probably just be upgrading for personal enjoyment; playing during my free time.
the cube 60 is loud enough for small gigs so unless you are planning to do big shows, get a new guitar.
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OK, thanks.

What about the EMG 81/85s?

I've heard mixed input about them and I haven't had the chance to play any guitars that have them.
if i were u, try to get a warlock metal master, and a vox ad50 vt i have them both, theyre great for metal and a great price too