My grandma recently passed away and she has a bunch of crap in her house. My aunt has recently discovered a 50+ year old violin she had when she was 6. I have no idea the brand or the condition it's in. Now i have been wanting to learn violin for a while but don't really want to make an investment and if i fail, then i have a 50+ year old violin.
My aunt only wants it to sell it but i actaully wanna try violin out.

So i wanna know if this is worth trying to get this? Or should i just give up and let her have it?
Try it.

It's better to continue on something she was obviously interested in and enjoyed than to just flog it.
dont let them just sell an old family instrument!
keep it alive!!!!!!!!!!
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Get it. If you don't play it you'll still have the memories and nothing beats a cool instrument with some family history.
get it valued. if its worth anything, sell it and ask your aunt to use some of the money to buy you a chep new violin. if its not worth anythin, tell her its just as much good to you as anybody else and convince her to let you keep it.

either way go for it, i wanted to learn violin when i was a kid and never did, my knowledge of music theory would be much better now if i did!
Ive been a violinist for a long time, i say go for it.

It's a lot harder than guitar though
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Definitely keep it. That violin is worth more to your family than the money would be.
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dont let them just sell an old family instrument!
keep it alive!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, really.

Even if you don't stay with it you still have something to pass down and what not...
get it.
i think because the wood is aged or something, its gonna sound really good.
it's a great instrument to play, and it'll greatly help you with the guitar. i'm speaking from experience here, cept that i play the cello.
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I'm pretty sure i'm gunna try to get it, i think it would be fun to try to learn. Plus my friend is getting a didgeridoo (yes you heard me, a didgeridoo) so i gotta learn something different too.

I've got one

Fun to play. I can even circular breath