I've been playing rock guitar for three years now, but i am always more impressed when I see an unknown face play a fingerpicked spanish piece than when I see Steve Vai whip out a solo.

Basically I am looking for some songs to learn that sound really nice, but arent to speedy. For example, i've learnt this song


with no troubles. So something around that skill level or even just a bit higher would be good, I would find songs myself but I'm completely new to the classical scene and have no idea what I'm doing

^ Ahh yes I've forgotten to say, I had a go at learning classical gas, but some of the parts were too fast for me.
Aaron sherer book 1 for classical guitar is a nice start. But, I would suggest taking a few lessons. Classical requires a good start.
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^Definatly.... Classical is extremely different from rock guitar... Its very easy to pick up bad habbits, which we cant help you with, only a teacher can....
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You should fuse the two styles.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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