I have been playing bass for about 15 months or so and I am just stuck and i don't know what to do. I haven't taken any lessons but I know about the enharmonic tone and I wanna learn aboutimprovising can anyone help. BTW I like to play stuff like Green Day and Three Days Grace if that helps.
as the guy said above at the moment, learn some scales and play around with them and when your confortable with a few scales and made a few riffs..... post again hahahah

but where can i learn how on here i have tried to learn but they don't make any sense. does anyone know of anywhere else on the internet there r free lessons like that or at least one on here that makes sense?
my friends been playing bass for four months and he's better than you, he can play run to the hills.

...who'm i kidding, he sucks. he cant even play fear of teh dark at a quarter of the tempo