Well, I may not know the most about amps but I truly don't believe all the bad comments about line 6 amps. Is all this Line 6 bull**** just people repeating what they hear from others and then the line 6 pain train began? I was just at a local guitar store and I even ran the line 6 question by the owner.

(me) Hey man, do line 6 amps sound digital? I heard a lot of people say they suck.

(owner with shocked look on his face) Have you ever heard a line 6?!

So my conclusion is...
1)either the owner is an idiot
2)everyone jumps on the "i hate the line 6 amps bandwagon"
3)not enough voice their "pro line 6 comments"
4)line 6's truly suck

I guess I will finally have my own real opinion next week when I go to purchase a new amp and give the line 6 a test run. This is the pit, lets hear some thoughts!
The Spider series is bad. But some of their amps are ok.
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I own the spider 3 75 and love it. Yes I guess it does sound a bit digital, it craps out at higher volumes (over 7/8) and there are some awful tones to be found. HOWEVER there are a lot of nice tones, I find it easy to use and even like the visuals. I wish more people would try them before outright dismissing them.
Can't base a whole company off of one product line.

I mean, look at Marshall; can't base it off of the MG.

Which, by the way, I really don't mind at all.
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I don't think they're too bad.
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i hate the way digital modeling souns, its too fake
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They're not the best modeling amps out there, but they're fine for beginner practice. Roland cubes are much better, though.
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really depends on wut u like to play.. if u like alot of dirt in ur song then its great. the clean settings are pretty good IMO dont really care for the distortion settings. But i got a Line 6 Uber Metal pedal and now it sounds great!
a few good sounds, i think the best one is the 15watt, cheap and a good practice but the more a expensive ones are a waste because you can get better at the price of the 120W and 150W ones
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