I am trying to decide whether i should get a Gibson faded sg for 580$ ir a fender MIM lonehouse that comes with a seymour duncan pearly gates humbucker and texes special single coils for 550$, the money is difference is not an issue i just cannot decide between the two, So help me out here please
Id say the Lonestar Strat, the one with the Pearly Gates. Most low-end Gibsons arent too great.
that strat doesnt sound too bad, but neither does the gibbo, of course
like the guy above me, there is no subsitute for playing them yourself...

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Geeze, why don't you just give the kid a pistol to shoot at his head? Telling someone to go buy a B.C. Rich - and on a budget - is like giving someone a gun and telling them to commit suicide.
well what music do U like? a sg should be for rock/metal it is too thick to play blues with .strat one of the most intersting guitar in my opinion since everyone wants 1 is for blues/ jazz but u can play rock just it makes UNWANTED noise so don't complain. p.s an amp is almost as important as a guitar just make sure ur amp is good b4 buying a guitar.
Play both. The Fender will be more versatile, but you really need to try them before reaching any conclusions. Who knows, you may like an entirely different ax.
They both pwn but I'd prob ly go with the strat.
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Great list Rutch. On re-reading this one I'd have to say Solid State means not liquid or gas.

I figured it out.
sg then if u like punk

why does everyone play punk rock now? no hard rock or deathmetal =s