well i saw a commercial for that new tivo box, or whatever its supposed to be, but you could get an external hard drive with to hold more things
anyways to the question, do you think itd be possible to like record tv on tivo, save it to that hard drive, then connect it to your computer?
or better yet save it to your computer?
i was just wondering, im planning on getting tivo anyways because 24 is starting up again and i always miss some (dammit), but could you connect it to your computer and watch it or something?

You can actually do that with any Tivo from Series 2 to now, using the Tivo Desktop app on your PC (Mac is not supported, sadly.) You don't need to get an external hard drive, unless you record an obscene amount of TV, but it should function the same way.

The files come as semi-protected .tivo files that you can playback using Windows Media Player. Using extra programs, you can convert those files into standard .mpg files that you can watch back on your computer using WinAmp, burn to a DVD, transfer to a iPod or whatever you desire.