I've been learning sweeping recently, I've got the motions down and can sweep slowly without and extra sound(on clean). But when I switch over to distortion my G string seems to make a slight sound, which throws off whatever other note im playing.

So far I've been trying for a few hours the past 2 days and i can't seem to get stop unless I go REALLY slow. So Should I try and practice till it doesn't make a sound anymore, or when it does make a sound just mute it with my palm?

If I should just mute it with my palm, does that mean when sweeping in distortion is it always nessasary to use one of the muting methods. (i.e Muting with palm, or thumb)

Please help sweepers of UG, I can't continue advancing in sweeping if I don't figure this out.
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You have to mute the string immediatly after sounding, whether it be my palm or thumb or fingers. So my best rec. is to keep practicing slowly till you get it.

Practice slowly until I do not need to mute it? Or practice slowy and mute it?
It all depends, its more of a case by case, ive never had to really work on muting stuff and i just naturally do it, whereas i know guys who still arent able to do it after years, but it shouldnt take that long, its a lot of slow practice, and experimenting, but DONT push it unless youre COMPLETELY relaxed in every possible way, tension will bring about unwanted noises
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So basically you guys are saying, theres going to be little feedback, or unwanted noise when on a distorded setting, so I just have to learn to mute the sounds while in distortion?
Yes, you have to learn proper muting technique.
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Thanks for all the responses, at first I thought I would have to practice until there was NO extra sounds. But just muting the few extra sounds there are is a hella lot easier. Thanks guys.
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also, i find that you get a much clearer sound when using neck pickup, especially when sweeping

I found that out as well, for some reason theres A LOT less feedback in the neck pickup.
The reason for the sounds is because when your fingers leave the string, they cause harmonics. This will happen, so muting the proper course of action.
use your finger that was on the fret to just lightly touch the string when you move the finger, thats what i do, takes a little practice though
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use your finger that was on the fret to just lightly touch the string when you move the finger, thats what i do, takes a little practice though

It seems way easier to just mute it with your right hand than to do it that way.
If you mute it with your thumb, watch out, because you may accidentally create a string of pinch harmonics that will sound like crap. Use a metronome as well, it helps and then you can slowly increase your speed with it. (Worked for my friend not me, I just played it fast enough to drown out the feedback.)
Right now you are at the hardest part of sweeping (in my opinion). Learning to mute the strings while going at a slow speed isn't too hard but once you increase your speed a lot, it can be difficult to perform perfect sweeps while muting strings and staying up to speed. After you can do this without making a mistake, all you have to do is coordinate your hands which isn't nearly as hard as most people make it seem. Since you are learning sweeps I'm assuming you have played quite a few lead parts so coordination should come pretty easy.
Personnaly I think it's easier to mute with your fretting fingers. Muting 1 string with your palm hand needs a lot more precision, while with fingers, you just have to raise your finger a bit before you remove it. It's like instead of removing it, you remove it in two parts. First you remove it a bit but not off the string so it mutes, then you remove it. It takes practice. But in the end, it's about how you feel comfortable. You should try both, and see.
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Just keep practicing, sweeping takes years to perfect.
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Right now you should practice mostly with distortion so that you can hear all the excess string noise. Since you can already play the arpeggios slowly with a clean tone, switch to distortion.

About muting the G string, you can use your middle finger (of the hand holding the pick) to rest on the string when you begin playing so that it stays quiet until your pick reaches it.

Hope this helps.
Do you find it hard to play a sweep that goes up and down to the A string near the 17-20th fret hard? Sorry to hijack