Hi, took me a while to write and record this one. It's about daydreaming.

This is the rough version, still needs tidying up, but i want some comments before I show it to other people.



listening now...i like the the bass drum intro, the acoustic fits it well, is that a reverse guitar i hear? awesome touch if it is. The vocals are actually pretty good man. Most vocals on this site are very eh, and bland, but yours actually capture the mood. The drums are not overshadowing any of the instruments which is a good idea for a track like this. I like how they build up at the end though. Is that a reverse guitar or some kind of other instrument?

thanks for crit
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Yea I just plucked out a D chord and reversed it, simple as that. It might sound like there's a lot going on on this track but there's only ever 2 instruments, classical guitar and percussion.

That was AWESOME, needs a little polish on the recording but that's just the technological side, the playing/singing was amazing. If you ever put out a CD send one this way. And that reverse guitar adds alot, I really like how you decided to bring the drums in as well. The deep bass thud really sets the mood for the rest of the song. A+.

EDIT: Apparently it says there is a CD...send it over!!!
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interesting start, i'll crit as i listen.

first of all, i'd turn down the drums JUST a little. they do add to the song (they remind me of heart beats, which is cool). they over power the guitar a little.

i really like the guitar work, it reminds me a little of nick drake and jose gonzalez, i think you'd like them.

the main vocals are a bit unclear and a bit muddy because of the reverb. this type of song does call for reverb, so don't completely kill it. but when over dubbing the vocals, make sure that the main vocal is clearer, so it does get too muddy.

the back up harmonies are good, they add to the song a lot.

overall this is a very mellow song, and i can see you put a lot of effort into it. the recording is pretty good too. what drum machine did you use, by the way? it sounds pretty good!

good song, keep writing and recording

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edit: i'm listening to your cover of classical gas, its very impressive... i love that composition.
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thanks for the crit guys, they're helping. Yeah I reverbed the main vox a bit too much especially on the opening verse - but I couldn't correct it.

I just wanted to create a mellow and dreamy atmosphere to this one (hence the name). Something that'll make you think or reminicse (sp?) to.

yeah, nick drake and jose gonzalez are my biggest influences.

Thanks for the crit!

Ok, as I listen. I like the bass drum. It establishes the feel early on. Guitar comes in and fits nice, sounds good. I like the effect (reverse guitar apparently). Drums are subtle but good. As some others have said, the vocals are overly reverbed and muddy. But underneath that they actually sound really good. I'm liking the guitar work at this point. I really like the part around 2:00 minutes. Awesome ending with the fade out.

The feel of the song really fits with the title, it feels like a dream to me.

The only thing I can really say to do is fix the vocal effects and make sure you can hear them over the guitar. This is an awesome song, nice work!
Wow really cool. I love the intro from the bass drum to the acoustic to the reverse guitar. awesome. Your voice is amazing and fits the music perfectly. Sometimes it seems like there is too much going on and then abruptly stops and starts up again abruptly. A little repetitive. I really like it tho. The song fits the title. very dreamy sounding. Great job! keep up the great work!

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This is pretty cool, it definately achieves the daydreaming atmosphere you were aiming for.
The reversed guitar sounds spot on, simple yet effective, really adds to the atmosphere. Sounds like it belongs in a movie!
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I like the sound of this (I would suggest using a metronome just so it doesn't get out of wasck at all in the future)

I love the whole vibe... Its a bit goo goo dolls to me actually I hope you don't think thats a bad thing...

I can't really understand your voice very well though... Make sure to EQ your vocals more mid/treble to let your voice shine..

Overall, sounds good
When recording the vocals it helps to record the vocals clean and clone the vocal track. Add the reverb to the cloned track and back off the volume on the original. That way the vocals can still have plenty of reverb but still retain it's punch. Overall I thought it was good although on my audio system the bass from the drum was a bit overpowering.