Ok, so heres the thing. I have been playing guitar for about 2 years now and haven't gotten into much theory. Well honestly, i started today. I learned all the notes on all strings and can name them...sorta.

If I go down the string, fret for fret, I can name them. But if i pick a random note it takes me forever to remember it....that's if i get it right.

So i was wondering if anyone had any tips, excercises, or whatever to make it easier to pinpoint out each and ever note.

It takes a lot of work, but it's also possible that you've just got too big a bit of info to digest at the moment.

Narrow down your attempt... maybe try the first four frets and open strings for starters. Maybe even just concentrate on a couple of strings. Learn those notes until you have them absolutely cold... then maybe learn a bit more to be safe. Then move on to the next few strings, and when you've finished all of the first four frets (reviewing past material along the way) you can begin on the next four frets.

Whenever it looks like you have to learn too much, just break it up into smaller pieces and perfect those pieces.
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i say just do it more often. thats what i did, i'm still not lightning quick but i have enough time to think ahead to keep it covered enough usually.