I have no electrical experience, or soldering, so would it be worth the risk? Would a shop do it for me?
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a good shop would do it. but you should get a kill button like buckethead has
it wouldnt be that hard, I think theres a guide or something here floating around somewhere...

do you want to add another switch to your guitar? if this is the case, it seems like taking the hot wire from your input, and putting a switch in, one side going to the pickup selector (or wherever it would normally go) and the other side of the switch going to ground.

I guess you could also rig it to an existing switch too, Like I may make the middle position go to ground or something, im not sure :P

someone with more experience might be able to help you more
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You can probably find a diagram. it is not very hard, you just gotta connect a siwtch in between 2 of the wires, I forget if it is between the pickups and the pots or the pots and the output....
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Use the search bar to find the Ultimate Killswitch Thread. There's quite a few diagrams, a few done by yours truly.
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