Ok, my friend and I were talking today about what guitar was a cooler choice. I was kinda thinking if I ever got another guitar just to have, I wouldn't because I have an SG and couldn't be happier, but just to throw it out there.

Awesome style and completely unique. I love it because Claudio Sanchez uses one.

White Epiphone Les Paul with gold hardware
I love the fact that it's a fancy, classic guitar that looks like it could rock some major ass when needed to.

So, which one do u guys think?
well, if its a Gibson X-plorer then it wins.
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If the Les Paul was more of an Antique White color, with that slight cream tint, I'd probably cream myself.

Don't forget the gold covered pickups.
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Well i would love either: ESP V STD (I don't like the Jackson Kv's specs, the ESP is cooler)
Jackson KE2 Kelly
ESP Original Mirage.

But seeing as though none of those are in your list, i would go for the X-plorer.
For those who care.
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