This isn't my band, it's my friends. He asked me to post it, because he's trying to get good feedback, not the "you guys are good" feedback from friends of ours, and people who don't know much about music. So please be honest with your comments. It's acoustic for the most part, but its just the intro (or first chapter, as the band is calling it). I'll C4C if you'd like, just post a link to your song.

the song is the first one on their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/the36thsymphony
its called "dissolution preview".

Any comments are appreciated.
sounds pretty good but the part where it stars getting a little faster, maybe around :50, it sounds like that tracks between the two guitars went out of time from each other. other then that it sounds great.
Drums/Rhythm Guitar: Awesome
Lead guitar: Out of time, off rhythm with the other guitar. It also sounds like you're just throwing down anything on the fretboard alot of the time, try working on a flowing melody.
Vocals: The recording sounds very nervous. What I mean by that is either the singer isn't holding a smooth succession of notes or the microphone isn't picking up his voice at a constant level. You also need to boost the volume of it all around so we can distinguish all of the words over the rest of the music.