Hi, this is my latest work, it's a happy Rock song I wrote inspired by the music of the band Boston.

Hope you like it.

I'll Do crit4crit.
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Its very good, but I think you pretty much just ripped off boston rather than being inspired by them. Despite that, it was a very good song. It flowed perfectly, it had an excellent melodic sense, and the bass part was very good. A little too much like boston, though. If you were to play this live the crowd would probably think you were doing a cover song.
What's going on with your meters man? Most of the measures are over filled. Since I'm not that familiar with Boston, I can judge this based on your music alone and not its similarity to other's

You had some very nice melodic stuff going on, nice layering on that. Your solo doesn't flow all that well (though I suppose that's because of the overfilling ignoring a lot of your phrases ) but what's there is pretty damn nice. What are the 'fret' noises for? They don't sound good, at all. Also, presumably the abrupt ending just means this is unfinished? I hope so cause if not that was a very bad ending
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I like chiclets, so i decided to check this out.

It does remind me a little of Boston, but all in all its a decent piece by itself. The beginning was a little weird, but its ok. The hooks were catchy. And yes, you went over the measures... messed up the solo a little, but its ok nonetheless. You may want to work on the ending.

Nice piece, i like your work lol.
It's a cool song.
I loved the outro especially. I don't know why, it Just sounded cool.
I don't know what else to say. Maybe fix up the measures a bit?
Maybe it's just guitar pro being dumb. Lol I don't know
Good work

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Sounds very very Boston inspired, just a bit too much actually. Although not a bad track at all, the arrangement was done very well. I give it a 7.5/10 for sounding a little too much like Boston.
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Overall I enjoyed your song. It would be a great warm-up song for a gig, if that's what you were playing at, and the chorus is very catchy and upbeat.

The solo was pretty generic and cliche, but I think that it goes well with the overall simplicity of the song.

I also liked the fingerpicked ending, and I think the ending has good closure, just that it sounds a little off in powertab.

Good work dude.
Great song! I dont know boston, but I think I know one of there songs and this seems a little similar so yeah, its inspired by them alot, lol. well, first of all the ending sounds ufinished, you need some other way to end then just....stop the sound :P. I like the solo, and overall the song had a lot going on(in a good way) so good job.
nice song. the clean parts are great specially the outro, but in the solo donno i think there is something wrong...but overall it's great
I liked it a lot. It did sound like Boston, and I was just thinking of Brad Delp singing over it as I was listening to it. It was a bit generic, but a very good song.
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By going over the measure, i mean this.

You see, just above the main window of the Editor, there is an icon for a Music Bar. You place a Music Bar ever 4 beats (or however many beats it is in, but for this, and many other songs, it is 4/4, which just means 4 quarter notes make up a measure.) You have no music bars besides Repeat bars. Because of this, it may be hard to keep your lead guitar organized over your rhythm....

Understand? Sorry if that got confusing.

In Chiclets the piece is absolutely fine without the bars. This one just seems a tad off.
I liked this, the verses especially. I always have trouble creating an original rhythm and you've managed to make some cool sounding riffs. 8.5/10